5 The Most Thing to look for in your partner?

5 The Most Thing to look for in your partner?

5 The Most Thing to look for in your partner?

There are some certain things you should look for in your partner. This is not about the physical appearance or financial status. This is trying to know what you will be dealing with after marriage.

Watch out for these things and by doing so you will have more insight on who exactly this person really is. If you are the observant type these things will not be difficult to spot. Patience also will make it easier to spot these things. If you are not patient you will only see what you want to see.
Below are few things to look/watch out for in your partner.

Watch his/her interaction with others, most especially your friends and his/hers.

Is he/she comfortable with your friends? Is there a particular friend of yours your partner wants you to stay away from? If so why? Does he have a good relationship with his/hers friends? What do people say about him/her? All these should be put into consideration.

Examine his/her relationship with his/her parents, if they are on good terms or not.

If they are not, ask him/her why and try to fix it if you can. Don’t encourage him/her to isolate the parents. Some people don’t have good relationship with their parents, as a potential mate, you should ask why there is strain in the parent/child relationship. Try to fix it as you would want to be accepted wholeheartedly by the parents and other family members. Don’t encourage your partner to be at war with the parents. If they can’t have a really good relationship, at least they should be cordial to one another.

Assess his/her behavior about your work, if he/she is the type that encourages you or not.

Some partners are ready to condemn your Boss or the type of work you are doing. However, see how your partner deals with your work issue, is he/she the type that will easily talk you out of a job or the type that will always encourage you.

You must make it a ‘’job’’ to find out how honest, faithful and loyal your partner is.

However don’t be obsessive about it. No one wants a clinging or obsessed partner Some women try to monitor every single move of their partner, you shouldn’t do this. You can try to know his honesty and faithfulness by how he is behaving with you, his talks and his actions. Guys feel choked when their girlfriends dogged their every steps, it is unhealthy and can really cause a problem in your relationship.

Every action done should be minimal.

Find out his/her plans about your relationship. If he/she doesn’t have a futuristic plan about your relationship the relationship might not work. If your boyfriend/girlfriend is the type that doesn’t think about your future together then something must be wrong somewhere. You should be able to talk about how many children you would want, the kind of house you would buy after getting married and make other plans. This is a sign of seriousness in a relationship.

Know the kind of friends he/she goes out with. Friends are great influence on ones’ character.

If your partner keeps bad friends make sure to rebuke him/her, bad friends will only get you in trouble. If your partner continues keeping bad friends someday he/she will have to pay the consequence. Bad friends also hinder progress, to avoid such, make sure your partner move with the right company.

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