How Do I Find the Right Partner?

Expectations of the “right partner” are reinforced in all aspects of our society today. You can find them throughout cultural traditions, media, even pop songs, and reality TV.

But what if that’s not how relationships work? What if there isn’t a “right partner?” What if every relationship could be meaningful if you allowed it to be what it is without bringing your own expectations into it?

If you hold on to predefined ideas about who the right partner is then you are making your search hard. You will be turned off by people you meet because no one will match your standards of the “right partner.” People will feel this judgment in you, and they won’t express themselves freely around you.

Going into a relationship without an image of the “right partner” is when you start allowing the other person to give you what you’re looking for.

Allow each person you meet to express themselves freely around you. Be open-minded and non-judgmental. This is the fastest route to manifesting anything you need in life – even the right partner.

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