3 Reasons Why You Should Say No

3 Reasons Why You Should Say No

3 Reasons Why You Should Say No

If you want to build a lasting relationship with your boyfriend, you should never have sex with him. Even if your boyfriend wants to have sex, you should avoid it at all cost.

If you have sex with him, you will eventually lose him. Time and again, girls have lost their boyfriends by having sex with them too early on in their relationship. If your boyfriend threatens that he will leave you if you don’t have sex with him, don’t succumb to his pressure.

The probability of his leaving you is more when you have sex with him than if you refuse. So refusing to have sex is any day the wiser option.
3 reasons why you should always say “No” when your boyfriend forces you to have sex:

A guy who is always after sex before making any kind of commitment is not really the right guy to live your life with.

If he cannot wait to have sex until he has made a commitment to never leave you, then he will almost always leave after you give him what he wants. He is just after you so that he can take you to bed. Once he gets what he wants, you will hardly ever see him again.

The most perplexing question that most girls face is, what if the guy leaves them if they refuse sex.

Now just think about this. A guy can have sex with you and then dump you. Or, a guy can leave you without having sex with you. A guy who is only after sex will leave you anyway. Why? Because sex is available everywhere in plenty. You are not the only woman on planet earth.

There are about 3 billion women on this planet that he can choose to have sex with. But out of that 3 billion women, you are the only one in the planet that he can have a unique relationship with. You are an irreplaceable person. There is simply no other woman in the world exactly like you. If your boyfriend recognizes that fact and that is what he is after and not your body, then he will always stay with you. But if he is just after sex, he will not stay with you for long.

Sex should never be entertained in a relationship where there is no commitment.

Only when a guy makes a commitment, you should agree to share your body with him. That commitment is called marriage. A guy who cannot wait for sex until he has made that kind of commitment is not the right guy for you. Let him go. You will be happy you did.

You now have 3 good reasons to say ‘no’ to sex before marriage. Be wise. Wait for the right time and for the right person. You have a whole lifetime of happiness ahead of you. Don’t kill it with a few moments of transitory pleasure.

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