Exercise: Define Your Mr. Right

Exercise: Define Your Mr. Right

Without thinking too deeply, grab a pen and journal or notebook and quickly write down what you want in a man. Put one trait on each line. If you need more room, flip the page and continue on the back. Don’t stop to think, just let your pen fly and write it all down.

When you’re done, catch your breath and look at each thing you wrote. Does anything on your list surprise you? Do any of your “Mr. Right apps “seem to be a little shallow or quite impossible? How does each thing you wrote make you feel?

Let’s pretend your spirit guide showed up and said he or she would send you an ideal soul mate but you could only choose five traits from your list. After all, nobody’s perfect and we all have our own personalities. If the guy had every trait on your list he’d only exist between the covers of a romance novel.

Maybe you put “blue eyes” on your list, but would much rather have “dog lover” as his trait. Perhaps you wrote down “buns of steel” though having a “kind heart” is what you truly want.

Choose the five must-have traits for your Mr. Right. It’s not that easy, is it? The reason this exercise is so powerful is that you’ll be able to attract love much easier if you have a very clear and precise idea of what you truly want in a man. When you have your five traits written down your higher self can get to work at bringing you and this man together.

Affirmation –
“I will no longer settle for Mr. Right-now. I deserve to have my Mr. Right.”

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