Getting Ready For Your soul mate

Getting Ready For Your soul mate

Getting Ready For Your soul mate

The readings I’m asked to do the most are related to love. Clients ask when
their soul mate will come along, if they had a past life with this person, if they’ve missed their chances, and how to finally attract a positive love. Simply put, they want clarification and guidance on finding love.

For many people it seems easy enough to attract the wrong type of partner, but finding someone who is positive, stable, and complements you seems really difficult. Oh, we know how to do the bad relationships, after all, how many have you been in? Too many to count or too long to think about? That’s common and you certainly aren’t alone.

Finding true love is one of the biggest soul lessons you’ll face in each lifetime.

Health, love, money, career and purpose are the big paths we struggle with. So how do you attract love? Maybe you’ve been on free dating sites, perhaps you paid for membership dating sites. You’ve done everything you can but your soul mate is more elusive than ever. The following activities will help change your subconscious and your aura energy so that you can begin to attract love.

Exercise: Attracting Your soul mate -Do It-

Find a necklace that has rose quartz in it, like a pendant or beads.

I prefer a pendant because I can always reach up and touch it to remind myself of my goals.
I’m forever touching my necklace. Pink quartz is delicate but powerful. It represents soul-deep love, past life love, friendship, peace, and happiness. It’s like a down-filled pillow for your needs. The thing with pink is that it won’t attract situations in such a huge way that it shocks you (like red would) but it comes softly, which is what I prefer. It allows us to ease into things rather than being knocked over by it.

Start buying everything in 2s.

Buy two of the same plants, hang two pictures on the wall together, buy two rolls of paper towels, two cans of the same soup, etc.
Of course, don’t go overboard and deplete your funds, but if you get in the habit of buying and decorating in 2s it tells your mind that you already live with someone and it will help bring him physically into your life to fill the spot.

Make a life collage of the things you want.

Cut photos and words out of magazines that represent the things you want in life and glue them on some poster board. Hang it on a wall in your bedroom and study it for a few moments each morning when you wake up and each night before you go to bed. This technique has helped many of my other clients, no matter what their goals are!

Think It-

Go about your life knowing that you deserve love and that it will come to you.
You no longer have to deal with people who aren’t your type. If you want to date them just for fun, so be it, but you don’t want to waste that open space in your soul with the wrong person.

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