How to Choose Your Future Partner?

How to Choose Your Future Partner?

This article will talk about choosing your future partner. Most of us, especially girls we all want a prince charming who will come for us and ensure our happily ever after. Some girls get their Prince Charming and their happily ever after but some don’t, not because they are stupid or have bad luck, but because they choose wrongly.

Love at first sight is a cliché but not totally unbelievable, sometimes we fall in love at first sight and this leads to marriage and a happily ever after, it simply depends on who happens to be your love at first time. Some guys have a Jezebel as a first sight love and some have a normal girl as theirs.

Some choose a mate because of some certain characteristics. When falling in love, it should not be because of a certain attribute e.g. beauty, intelligence, hair color, eye color, voice, stature, teeth, some even like people with gap toothed and make sure to search for them. If you choose a partner because of a certain attribute/ characteristic one day he/she might lose it.

Andrew Marvell in his poem ‘’To His Coy Mistress’’ expresses how time flies. Beauty eventually leaves you because of old age. If that person were to lose that characteristic does that mean your love will fade? Will you leave that person for someone else? Or will you try to bring that attribute? Don’t look for criteria when choosing your life partner. Some people do this and they are regretting their actions. Don’t fall prey to this.

If this individual should lose this certain thing you find endearing in him/her, does that mean that you will love him/her less? Beauty will fade, wisdom diminishes, this can be because of old age, does this mean that person is still not really there?

No. Don’t have a reason to fall in love. Fall in love because you can’t control your heart when it comes to that person, because that person feels like apart of you, because your heart beats for that person, not because of anything else.

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