Learning From Romance Novels

Learning From Romance Novels

Learning From Romance Novels

At this moment I’ve had more than a dozen romance novels published and I’ve learned a lot from these make-believe characters and the people who buy romances. Most readers have told me they like reading about fantasy love lives because they’re lonely, not satisfied in their current sex lives, or simply enjoy being swept away by the stories.

Let’s face it, the characters in these novels are buff and brave, curvy and courageous. They have lives most people only dream about. We fly to distant places and periods of time, and in the end, the main characters still live happily.

Such stories of mystery, tension, and sensuality are so much loved by people that romance novels account for 55% of all book sales. But can this seemingly innocent culpable gratification affect the way of looking at real relationships?

Some women say it helps to get them in the mood for their partner or it’s just a nice escape from reality for a few hours. For single women, maybe these books can be a reminder that there is good love out there in the world.

But there are women who get so involved in romance novels that they stay alone because they only want a guy who’s like the ones they read about, or they become increasingly dissatisfied with their current partner. They wish he had a better job, dressed nicer, was more attractive, and a better lover.

This isn’t fair to the average man. After all, how many women are like the heroines in these larger-than-life stories? It’s like when men compare their partner to the women in porn magazines or movies. It’s simply not reality.

What can women learn from romance novels that may actually help them in their lives?

The personality of the woman continues to grow and learn from her experience. She usually has an emotional and spiritual awakening where she becomes far more independent, stronger, and confident. These women also follow their dreams. Obviously, these are good traits to follow.

These stories can also help you to define some things you would like in your Mr. Right. Not necessarily the outside package or immense bank account, but perhaps you’d like a man who’s more of a gentleman, who works hard, is financially stable, has a great sense of humor, is a wonderful father to his kids, etc. These are all positive things that you could want from a man rather than what you’ve put up with or dealt with in the past.

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