3 Reasons Why You Should Say No


Happy may we meet and happy may we part and happy meet again

I reached forward and slowly pushed open the door. The light was on in the room and the sight that met my eyes made me stop in my tracks “oh my god! I exclaimed.

She was kneeling on all fours on top of the duvet, head down on the pillow and her feet overhanging the edge of the bed. She wasn’t naked but was wearing only her short, purple silk nightie. Nightie was a generous description for the flimsy scrap of material which moulded itself to every curve of her body.

Most striking of all were the parts of her that were left uncovered. Her beautiful white rounded bottom was pantieless, totally naked and thrust up towards me,

Unsurprisingly, it can be very difficult to keep your secret adulterous life separate from your normal everyday life. Needless to say this is something you have to do if you want to prevent your partner from finding out about your affair(s). Some people are very proficient at doing this.

A married man I know, managed to keep secret the fact that he had a second family complete with two children living within 10 miles of his marital home. The amount of lying he must have had to do to keep his two lives separate would have been phenomenal.

Where, when, how you meet up with your secret lover will all depend on your own personal circumstances. Some people will have lots of spare time in their lives, others practically none. Some have the opportunity to spend nights away from home, others have lives which run on rails with the slightest deviation being noticed instantly by their nearest and dearest. I’ve run my own full time business for over 30 years and often worked 7 days a week, sometimes from 7-30am until 9pm.

I’d always thought that I had no spare time during my hectic days, but despite this, I still managed to carry on a secret affair that lasted for nearly two years. My main advantage came in the shape of my divorced lover owning her own home which was situated only a fairly short distance from where I lived. I quickly came to realise that there were indeed times in the day when I could sneak away from work to meet up with my lover at her house.

If you decide to meet up with someone from a dating site, make sure you meet them in a public place of your choosing. If at all possible (especially if you’re a woman) tell a friend about your meeting (but treat this with extreme caution, the least number of people who know about your secret life, the better!) Tell them what time the meeting is taking place, where it will be and with whom.

Try to pick somewhere well away from where you’re likely to bump into people you know. (Easier said than done! It always amazes me how I’ll often see someone I know or who knows me even when I’m many miles away from where I live) During your assignation get to know the other person as well as possible without divulging too much personal information about yourself.

I know it can be difficult in this type of emotionally charged situation to keep your guard up without seeming too aloof, but it’s essential to keep some distance until you know some background information about your potential lover. You can tell much more about a person from face to face contact than you ever will from internet exchanges.

It’s wise to remember that there are a lot of bad people out there who are more than willing to try and take advantage of you in some way. The less information your new “friend” has about you, the harder it is for them to use this information for nefarious purposes.

Even if your new friend’s intentions are (mostly) honorable, if things go wrong and their partners find out about your affair, the less information they have about the real you the better. The first thing their partner will want to know is, “who have you been seeing behind my back, where do they live, where do they work, what’s their name?”

It’s a good idea to have a secret change of clothing for these clandestine meetings because partners can have an incredibly keen sense of smell when it comes to lingering perfume and aftershave on clothes. (Or even the smell of cigarettes) A small packet of wet wipes can also be useful to wipe over your face and hands to remove incriminating smells (and lipstick!) After assignations check your pockets for items like receipts etc. which could give away to inquisitive partners what you’ve been getting up to and where you’ve been doing it.

Don’t get too greedy with your clandestine meetings, the more times you meet up with a lover over a short period of time, the more likely you are to get caught out by a partner.

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