Should I stay with a person who’s making me miserable?

Should I stay with a person who’s making me miserable?

Should I stay with a person who’s making me miserable?

Never! You deserve to be happy and to be in a loving, loyal relationship. Just because a soul mate has come into your life and you now live in misery doesn’t mean you have to stay.

The whole point of being with this person is to learn something and they have something to learn from you as well. Perhaps in a past life relationship, the two of you had problems in a certain area and now you’re brought together to work it all out. Your karma has brought the two of you together again.

Think about the area(s) you struggle with the most and you’ll see clearly what your karmic lessons are. If the two of you can work on it together then the relationship will be healed and you can create something happier, brighter, and more powerful than ever. Then again, sometimes the karmic lesson is simply that of letting go and raising your self-esteem.

As I just mentioned, they’re going through their own lessons as well. If they’re stuck in a low place and have anger problems, an addiction, or are abusive, they need to learn self-control, love and tolerance. However, you shouldn’t stick around if they’ve refused to learn. Once you move on, your personal lesson is learned and you can now find a more positive soul mate relationship.

Note: Never stay with someone who abuses you in any way. That is not a lesson for you to learn!

Okay, so how do I attract a good soul mate?

This is exactly why I wrote this article. Each and every person on this planet is eventually reconnected with at least one soul mate, but the point is you want to be with a good soul mate rather than attracting a relationship that has a truckload of karma attached to it.

Your spirit is spreading far and large, and at some stage your souls must notice each other and move together. The greatest problem I find is people who love so much that they jump into the first compromise that comes with whether it’s a healthy relationship or not.

We remain far too long in it and end up miserably pursuing someone else before they are even out of that marriage. And why do they draw more of the same?

Your aura, those invisible vibes you throw off, is what attracts people to you. If you’re in a bad place in your life or feel badly about yourself, you’ll attract a person who’s attracted to the energy you have at that time. Take a look at everyone around you who’s currently in a relationship.

On a subconscious level they attracted that person to them because of how they feel about themselves. Your mate is a mirror into your inner most self. He is what you feel you deserve. The best way to attract a really wonderful soul mate is to be sure your self-esteem is in a good place and that you’re giving off the best energy possible.

On the flip side, you may have been so closed off and not looking for anyone that your energy field may extend only an inch or so from your body, making it difficult for a soul mate to find you. In this case, even if the ideal person was sitting right next to you, you may not notice. Don’t worry, I’ll show you some easy exercises that will take care of that.

When it comes to finding your soul mate, it’s not as difficult or metaphysical as you might think. The perfect union can and will happen as soon as you develop the type of inner and outer energy field that will attract it.

Affirmation –
“I will soon be reunited with a wonderful and passionate soul mate!”

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