Signs that you should leave your partner

Signs that you should leave your partner

There are some signs that will surely let you know that you should break up with your fiancé/fiancée. This is mainly for women, no matter how much you love him once he starts displaying these signs it is time to break up with him. No amount of pleas and false promises should take you back to him. If the need arises involve the Police.
These signs include:


The moment your boyfriend starts hitting you, you should know that he is not marriageable. Nothing should make a man hit a woman and no woman should have to endure such in the name of love. It is an abuse and you shouldn’t subject yourself to such. Once he starts beating you before marriage it is a sign that he will continue to do so after you get married. You should prevent it now that you have the power to do so before he ties you down with marriage.


Some guys rape their girlfriend in the name of punishment. Rape is the most terrible thing that could happen to a woman, so your boyfriend doing such to you because he is angry and wants to teach you a lesson is insane and you should never allow that. If he does it the first time, there must not be a second time, make sure of that. You are a woman and should be treated and respected as such.

Using you to get favors

If your boyfriend is the type that makes you a pawn, a means to an end you should leave him. Some guys use their girlfriend to get what they want, they whore you to other guys in the name of satisfying them, making them happy and making you a whore in the process. You shouldn’t allow such, if he wants something he should get it himself and not make you do his dirty work. If you do not leave him he will eventually leave you once he is done with you.

As a lady you should be respected and treated nicely, don’t allow any guy to make you feel worthless. Be proud of your sex and do not let anyone to reduce your self- value.

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