Simple Rules to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Simple Rules to Make Your Relationship Last Forever

When searching for a life partner we should take all the previous things explained as guidelines. Don’t fixate on someone because of what you can derive from someone or because that person is extremely beautiful, tall, handsome… instead, love should be based not just on the physical but beyond the physical. Don’t set criteria when choosing a fiancé/fiancée.

Be loyal and faithful always, don’t give your partner any reason to doubt you. Love and trust is the only solid foundation for love, don’t be quick to believe everything people tell you concerning your partner. Many people out there are looking for ways to crush down your happiness and the foundation you had laid.

Don’t let outsiders interfere in your personal issues, telling your friends everything that is going on in your home is not good enough. There should be privacy in our homes. We shouldn’t discuss everything with friends. Respect your partner’s privacy.

Don’t cheat on your partner for any reason it is a terrible thing to do as it means that you do not respect him/her enough for your fidelity. If your partner catches you once it makes it difficult to trust you again. We should always make sure we are worthy of our partner and that our partner also is worthy of us.

Do things together with your partner, sit down together and talk of the future, be ready to defend your partner by knowing exactly what he/she is capable of doing and what he/she would never do.

Don’t always listen to friends about your partner, some people are jealous of your relationship and wants you two to break up at all costs.

Don’t be a pushover, develop a spine and always be firm in your belief. Don’t let what others say or will say influence your decisions, instead do what you think is right and believe in. your beliefs might not always be right but you learn from previous mistakes and this will be part of your experience.

Love your partner, always be ready to tell him/her what you think, no lies, be truthful and honest always and you two will have a wonderful relationship.

Most importantly, be extra careful when choosing a life partner. Rely on your heart and your head, what your brain tells you. Decision making is very crucial, take your

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