Social Media Trap–Who is in His Inbox or Friending Him Down?

Social Media Trap–Who is in His Inbox or Friending Him Down?

Social Media Trap–Who is in His Inbox or Friending Him Down?

Another sign your significant other might be cheating has to do with his usage of social media accounts. I believe that social media is a great way to reach past friends and meet new ones, but it is often a big cover-up for cheaters. If you notice a lot of private Twitter DMs or Facebook messages, that is a definite sign that something fishy is going on.

As his woman, you should have access to your man’s social media passwords and be able to check on things any time you damn well please. If not, there’s a problem. One thing is certain though: if you see a pattern of him changing his social media passwords, checking messaging often, or having a ton of new friends who respond to ALL his photos with smileys or some other crap, there may be a problem. Like I stated before, you must remain cool. Just like you did with the cell phone. You must check things out calmly.

Even if you’re calm, your man may try to twist things and tell you’re being paranoid or jealous. The key is to ignore any negative outbursts and avoid letting his comments affect you either way. Simply evaluate his reaction and try and figure out what’s going on. If you scream and yell and act jealous, you won’t get anywhere. Instead, ask him to share his password and then give him yours.

You may be tempted to ignore the signs, but be brave, girlfriend. If the two of you have something special, he should have no issues being honest with you and sharing his passwords. He should have no problem answering your questions. But what if he blows up or refuses to give you any information?

Time for sneak mode. Now, this doesn’t mean you now have free access to message any female friends or ask what’s they’re doing with your man. If you do that, you’ll come off like that “crazy insecure girlfriend.” Instead, send any suspicious friends a friend request.

This may seem a little unorthodox but instead of going crazy, you flip the switch. You’re just the innocent, trusting girlfriend who added your significant other’s new friends. I mean, any friend of theirs should be a friend of yours, right? If it really is just a friendship, it will be no big deal to your partner or his new friend. If he is cheating with someone in his friend list, watch how she either refuses to become your friend, he gets angry that you did so, or how quickly he deletes her messages from his inbox.

Do not allow yourself to put things off. I once spent months knowing my partner was cheating and never confronting him because I didn’t want him to catch on that I had discovered his social media passwords. How crazy is that?! If only I had confronted him, I’d have saved myself a lot of pain and frustration from dealing with a serial cheater who couldn’t change. Be smart and take action now.

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