Dress for the success you wish to be. Stop dressing like a slob or wearing clothes you bought three years ago. Start wearing clothes that make you feel good about yourself. If you cant spend a little bit of money on something nice that you wear everyday. Stop spending your money on useless frivolous shit like alcohol, drugs, junk food, video games and whatever other useless things that don’t add any value to your life.

When a woman, or anyone for that matter, looks at you. From the moment she lays her eye’s on you, she know if she finds you attractive. First impressions are important. She also knows what kind of man you are just from a quick glance. That is, if she even finds you to be a man.

Don’t make excuses that you dress your best when you go out. A man that has a high level of self-esteem always dresses his best. Because he knows he feels better about himself when he dresses his best.

I don’t expect you to wear a suit and tie that would be stupid, because I don’t know anything about you. But I do expect you, to some degree, to dress like a model right out of a GQ magazine. You might think thats “gay” or too metrosexual for your liking.

But a man whom has a high level of sexual confidence displays his sexuality. Just like women wear tight clothes to reveal the curves of their body. As a man you should be wearing clothes that are tailored to your body structure and suit your body. Not some graphic t-shirt that matches your style in high school.

If you’re in business. Then you dress your absolute best everyday. You’ll wear a dress shirt, tie, suit jacket, and slacks. Imagine you were a savvy business mogul that has a net worth of $350 million. You would fucking own every minute of your life because would truly know you’re the man.

The point of this is to change your outside environment which changes your inside beliefs and thinking. Because whether you believe it or not, your outside environment right now is direct result of your internal thoughts.

This habit is going to help speed up the process of changing your beliefs and how you perceive the type of person you are and want to become.

When you start to dress as a success you notice that you’ll act different, and people will act differently around you. You’ll begin to receive a lot more respect from the people you meet day-to-day.

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