The Truth About soul mates

The Truth About soul mates

The Truth About soul mates

This is one of the areas that people ask me about the most, “Who is my soul mate and how do I find that person? I want to clear up some misconceptions about the topic of soul mates. The truth is you have more than one soul mate. Thank goodness! What needs the one mysterious man to seek to track down?

Throughout each of your lives you’ve developed many soul connections and soul mates. Depending on how many times you’ve been reincarnated, the number of soul mates you can have becomes pretty incredible.
Here are some of the most popular questions I’ve been asked about true love, along with my answers.

How many soul mates do I have?

In each life you have between 3-7 soul mates on Earth. You may meet up with several of them or only one, but the fact is you will indeed be reunited with a soul mate. You always are, you just might not be ready for him when he comes along though, which is one reason so many women find themselves alone or in negative relationships.

How can I find my soul mate?

You will be brought together, and you have a better chance of recognizing this potential relationship if you’re open to it. Being open means you know you deserve true love and that you aren’t so worried about finding this person that you actually create a wall.

Yes, wanting something too much can become a stumbling block. Our subconscious can get rather complicated on us. The best thing you can do to find “the one” is to work on yourself, become the best person you can be, enjoy life and know that the right When the time is right, the person will come along.

What things can I do to attract my soul mate?

This is actually quite easy yet infinitely difficult for people to follow. We always believe that good things are hard to come by and that change is difficult. First ask yourself if you’re actually ready for your soul mate. Look at your future now as it is. Are you giving out the type of energy that will attract your true love? Probably not.

So, your first order of business is to quit worrying about outside love and work on inside love—loving yourself first and foremost. As I mentioned, this is something that should be so easy yet nearly everyone finds it hard to do.

How do I know if he’s my soul mate?

People often believe that a soul mate union is pure bliss, but this isn’t always so. Although this type of union is very deep and strong, a soul mate may be brought into your life so you can learn karmic lessons. A soul mate may challenge you, frustrate you, and dig in so deep it feels like a thorn at times. Simply put, it’s someone you can’t get out of your system.

Just about everyone can recall a person from the past that they still think about to this day. There was a connection that couldn’t be put into words. Maybe you’re with that person now, but things aren’t so great. Still, you can’t let go. This is a sure sign of a soul mate union.

Does this mean that some soul mate relationships are actually negative?

Nothing having to do with the soul has to be negative. Everything we go through while in human form is presented to us so we can learn, love, and grow.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to keep repeating these patterns that make you unhappy. If you feel you’re already with your soul mate now but you have a rocky relationship, these problems and obstacles are red flags letting you know that you have something to learn from the current situation.

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