What are the most important things in a relationship?

What are the most important things in a relationship?

What are the most important things in a relationship?

I will start by saying this fact that no matter how many years you and your partner have been dating each other, his/her behavior eludes you until you two get married. Now many people probably thought they know everything about their boyfriend/girlfriend or fiancé/fiancée, yet I assure you that your partner is a stranger to you until you both get married.

This article will talk about knowing your partner, what he/she really wants, what he/she really likes. Most couple out there during their courtship pretends to like what the other likes, want what the other wants, just because he/she wants so badly to have something common with their mate.

This false life will definitely change once you get married, mind you, some people can pretend for years after the marriage, but eventually their true behavior will emerge and then you will ask yourself ‘’Is he/she the one I married?’’ He is the one you married and she is the same woman you married, what has changed is that your partner is done pretending to be who she is not, no longer pretending to be what he is not.

A couple goes to the mall to shop, the guy sees a dress he thought would look lovely on his girlfriend and he buys it for her with her interest in mind, the lady however doesn’t like the dress but pretends to do so because she thought he wouldn’t buy her anything again if she should let him know the dress is not her taste.

The man thought he did a great thing and his girlfriend’s ‘’oohing’’ and ‘’ahhing’’ gave him an illusion that she really does appreciate the dress. Most times women’s sense fashion differs from guys so a guy might not always get right what his girlfriend really likes.

The best you can do as a lady is to let him know that you do not really like the dress but you must appreciate it nonetheless. I know most people might think that that is being ungrateful but by doing so your partner will always know what you really like and be assured that you are honest.

You don’t have to pretend to your partner, remember that marriage is a life time issue unless of course you want to be counting husbands, but of course you should be careful when choosing your life partner to avoid doing such.

Love based on trust, loyalty, honesty will have a strong foundation and will endure all storms of marriage. Try to be loyal always and don’t mislead your partner into believing that you are something you are not.

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